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Cork Flooring Reception

Customer Project: Merchants House

We’re pleased to see the team at Kerr Office Group featuring our Flooring by Nature cork flooring in their latest project at Merchant House in Bristol. The statement design is a fantastic example of how integral flooring design can be to the overall scheme. 

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Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design: A Guide to Greener Living

Sustainable Interior Design: A Guide to Greener Living In a world increasingly aware of environmental issues, sustainability has become a buzzword that transcends industries. Interior design, a field once focused solely on aesthetics, is now at the forefront of the sustainability movement. As we navigate the complexities of our modern

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Identify Carpet Moths

Carpet Moths: Identification, Treatment & Prevention

Carpet Moths: Identification, Treatment & Prevention Carpet moths, often called textile or clothing moths, are tiny, but they can cause significant damage to your precious rugs, carpets, and clothing. These elusive pests have been a nuisance in homes for centuries. This blog post will delve into the world of carpet

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Sisal Carpet Orient

Sisal Carpet Guide

Sisal carpet is gaining popularity as a sustainable and stylish choice for domestic flooring due to its exceptional resilience to wear and eco-friendly credentials

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