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Sisal Carpet Guide

Sisal Carpet Orient

Sisal carpet is gaining popularity as a sustainable and stylish choice for domestic flooring due to its exceptional resilience to wear and eco-friendly credentials

Sisal Stair Runner: A Customer Project

Sisal Stair Runner

Sisal Stair Runner: A Customer Project We love to see pictures of our customers finished projects. Here we have a beautiful sisal stair runner made from our Sisal Small Boucle in colour Sesame.  We helped our customer make this project bespoke by cutting and binding the runner in real leather binding. We love to help our customers […]

6 Important Pros & Cons of Sisal Carpets

Studio July Sisal Bengal Jaipur pink flower blue bowl 011 6 Important Pros & Cons of Sisal Carpets

6 Important Pros and Cons of Sisal Carpet As concerns about sustainability increase, natural fibre products have grown hugely in popularity. Interest in plant fibre carpeting options has grown enormously and in particular Sisal carpets and rugs have seen a major surge in popularity. But while sisal possesses many distinct qualities, it is not necessarily […]

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