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Sustainable Interior Design: A Guide to Greener Living

Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable Interior Design: A Guide to Greener Living In a world increasingly aware of environmental issues, sustainability has become a buzzword that transcends industries. Interior design, a field once focused solely on aesthetics, is now at the forefront of the sustainability movement. As we navigate the complexities of our modern lives, it’s crucial to understand […]

Cork Flooring: A Detailed Review of its Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Cork Tree in Forest: Sourcing Cork Flooring

In today’s world, sustainable and eco-friendly choices are essential. Cork flooring has gained popularity as a renewable and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional flooring materials. We are a leading supplier of Eco-Friendly Flooring, and our range of Cork flooring has a whole suite of factors that makes them a stylish and sustainable option for your home or office.

Our Sustainability Pledge

About Header Our Sustainability Pledge

At Flooring by Nature we’re committed to playing our part in the effort to tackle climate change, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and limit our impact on the environment.  We do this by being really selective about the products we sell and the manufacturers we work with.  We avoid products that are made from new […]