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We review a recent install using our Inspire Cork Flooring range.
Cork Flooring Garden Room

Customer Project: Inspire Cork Flooring

Inspire Cork Flooring Installation

We love to see finished projects that have used our flooring. Here we have a refurbishment project for a characterful garden room which opted to use our Inspire Cork Flooring range, in colour Originals Shell.

Cork was selected for it eco-friendly and sustainable credentials but also because as a natural material it adds warmth and depth to the decorating scheme.

The flooring was installed as a floating floor over a concrete sub-floor. The original concrete was in poor condition so a smoothing compound was applied first to smooth and level the floor.

The sub-floor was tested for moisture and the readings were dry, but being a historic outbuilding it was unclear if a functioning damp proof course was present. Therefore the installation team opted to lay a visqueen sheet first to prevent any potential moisture issues from occurring.

The flooring was then installed over the course of a couple of hours. The planks are just clicked together, in the same way that a standard laminate or click wood floor would be installed.

An expansion gap was left around the perimeter of the room with skirting boards installed after to hide the expansion gap.

That’s all there is to the installation, it is very straightforward and suitable for an experienced DIYer or capable joiner or flooring installer.

Cork Flooring Lounge

Cork is a fantastic material to use for flooring. It’s hard wearing and durable with the Inspire range coming with a lifetime domestic warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty.

The cork used in our cork flooring comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, grown, harvested and manufactured into flooring in Portugal.

Once the bark of the Cork Oak has been harvested, the tree will regenerate and grow new bark in it’s place. Ready to be harvested in another 8 or 9 years.

This process of harvest and renewal takes carbon out of the atmosphere and locks it in the cork bark and is therefore considered to be carbon negative.

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