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Cork flooring brings warmth, eco-friendliness, and comfort to kitchens and bathrooms, but proper maintenance is key to preserving its allure and durability. Here are detailed ways to care for your cork floor in your Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Maintaining Your Cork Flooring in Kitchens or Bathrooms: 5 Essential Tips for Longevity and Beauty

  1. Regular Cleaning:
    Regular sweeping or vacuuming removes dirt and debris that, when left unattended, can act as abrasives, causing scratches or wear on your cork floor. In kitchens, crumbs or spills can become potential nuisances, while bathrooms accumulate dust and dirt. A routine clean-up keeps your cork flooring looking pristine.
  2. Avoid Excessive Moisture:
    While cork has inherent water resistance, prolonged exposure to moisture, especially in kitchens or bathrooms, can lead to damage or warping. Swiftly wiping up spills prevents water from seeping into seams or underneath the flooring, safeguarding it against potential swelling or discoloration.


For bathroom environments we recommend our Inspire range of cork which is the most resistant option to regular high humidity. 


  1. Use protective pads:
    Placing protective pads under furniture legs shields your cork floor from scratches or dents caused by furniture movement. In bustling kitchens or bathrooms, where chairs and cabinets are frequently moved, these pads serve as a barrier, preserving the integrity of the cork.
  2. Avoid Harsh Cleaners:
    Using gentle, cork-specific cleaners prevents damage to the seal and the cork itself. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners in kitchens, with food spills or bathroom cleaners, can degrade the seal, leaving the cork vulnerable to damage.
  3. Control Sunlight Exposure:
    Sunlight exposure in kitchens or bathrooms can cause cork floors to fade or discolour over time. Implementing measures to control sunlight exposure, such as blinds or UV-protective films, helps preserve the floor’s appearance and integrity.
  4. Regular Maintenance Checks:
    Periodic inspections allow you to catch early signs of wear or damage. In busy areas like kitchens or bathrooms, maintaining a vigilant eye on your cork flooring helps address potential issues promptly, preventing them from escalating.


By implementing these comprehensive maintenance steps, made specifically for kitchens or bathrooms, you safeguard your cork flooring against common challenges, ensuring its longevity and retaining its natural beauty in these high-traffic and moisture-rich areas.  

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