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How to measure up for new flooring

It’s important that you measure your room accurately to ensure sufficient carpet or flooring is ordered, mistakes can be costly in time and money.

Luckily it’s fairly straightforward to do and we have pulled together this step by step guide with a few extra tips of the trade.

What you’ll need:

  • A good quality tape measure
  • Paper
  • Pen/pencil

  1. The best place to start is to sketch a plan of your room, noting where the doorways are
  2. Decide where the widest part of the room is and measure, ensuring you measure into doorways and into any alcoves or drop backs. Some properties, particularly older ones, will have very uneven walls so it’s often worth measuring in a few places to check you’ve got the widest width.
  3. Next measure the length of the room, again ensuring you measure into doorways and any alcoves or drop backs.

If you’re measuring for carpet, you need to consider the widths the carpet is available in. Generally this is 4 or 5 meters wide, however some will only come 4 or only 5 meters. Based on the width of your room, decide which is the most appropriate width of carpet to choose. 

Make sure you always add at least 10cm to the length of carpet you need to order, this ensures your fitter has enough carpet to work with.


You have a square lounge, the width measures 3.50m and the length 4.10m. You would need to order a carpet 4.00m wide by 4.20m long 16.80m2 in total. 

If you’re measuring for hard flooring, such as bamboo, laminate or cork flooring you need to work out the square meterage of the room. For square or rectangular rooms, this is really easy – multiply the length and width of the room and add 10% for wastage. Then you can work out how many packs of material you need.

For more unusually shaped rooms such as L shapes, split the room into squares/rectangles and work out the square meterage of each area as above. Add it all together and don’t forget to include the 10% for wastage.


You have a rectangular hallway, the width measures 3.00m and the length 5.00m. Work out the net square meterage (3 x 5 = 15m2) then add the 10% wastage which brings the required material to 16.50m2.

You would like to order some Cork Flooring which comes in packs of 2.18m2, (divide 16.50m2 / 2.18m2 = 7.57 packs) therefore you need to order 8 packs which will give you 17.44m2 of flooring

Top Tips:

  • Make sure you measure into your doorways
  • Make sure you identify any drop backs or alcoves and are measuring the widest/longest length of the room

If in doubt, send us a message and a picture of your room plan and we can estimate your required sizes for you!

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