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Lobadur Easyfinish

Lobadur Easyfinish



Lobadur Easyfinish offers excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion and ensures long-lasting protection for your cork floor. The product is perfect for assisting the installation of Earth Tone cork tiles and NaturTrend cork flooring offering high quality and durable performance. It is suitable for both residential and commercial settings, whether with or without underfloor heating.



Introducing Lobadur Easyfinish single-component water-based finish, meticulously formulated for cork flooring, providing unparalleled durability against heavy wear. Engineered with an elastic composition and boasting excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion, it ensures long-lasting protection for your floor. Crafted with a water-based polyurethane-acrylate formula, this finish offers exceptional wear resistance without the need for mixing, thereby eliminating waste. With its high solid content, it builds smoothly and evenly, facilitating a seamless application process without foaming or lap marks. In addition, its non-yellowing properties preserve the natural beauty of your flooring. Achieving 90% curing within 24 hours, it’s perfect for light commercial and high-traffic residential areas, suitable for both cork and wood floors. Notably, this product carries an EC-1 rating, guaranteeing low emissions and contributing to healthier indoor air quality.

Recommended for use with Earth Tone glue down cork tiles as well as NaturTrend cork flooring.

Additional information


1 litre/5m2, 5kg/25m2


Water-based polyurethane-acrylate formula

Storage/Shelf Life

18 months in unopened containers. Store product between 5°C (40°F) and 25°C (75°F). No risk of frost damage during transportation.

VOC emissions


Application Temperature

Do not apply at temperatures below 13°C (55°F)