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2mm Agglomerated Cork Underlay

2mm Agglomerated Cork Underlay


£5.50 m2

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Experience exceptional impact noise and thermal insulation with our agglomerated cork underlay, crafted exclusively from 100% Portuguese cork. Designed specifically for floating cork and engineered wood floors, our underlay provides superior performance, ensuring a quieter and cosier environment.

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Enhance your flooring with our premium agglomerated cork underlay, expertly crafted from 100% Portuguese cork. Designed to optimize the acoustic and thermal insulation of floating cork and engineered wood floors, our underlay delivers exceptional performance.

Experience an impressive 18dB reduction in impact sound, creating a serene and peaceful environment. The high thermal resistance of our underlay effectively insulates your floors, shielding them from cold subfloors and keeping your space comfortably warm.

But that’s not all – our cork underlay harnesses the natural antibacterial properties of cork to safeguard against mold growth, ensuring long-lasting durability. Please note that this product is not compatible with underfloor heating (UFH). If you require alternative options, kindly reach out to us directly.

Consider Agglomerated Cork Underlay for use with Wicanders Essence and NaturTrend cork flooring as well as engineered wood and laminate installations.

Elevate your flooring experience with our agglomerated cork underlay, and enjoy the benefits of superior acoustic insulation, thermal resistance, and enhanced durability. Contact us now to explore your options!

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Laminate, Engineered Wood, NaturTrend, Wicanders Essence

Thermal properties

Thermal conductivity: 0.05 W/(m.K), Thermal resistance:
2 mm thickness – 0.04 m2

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