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Living Room Flooring

Living Room Flooring

Your living room is the heart of your home! It’s where you unwind after a long day, it can be your own personal cinema, and it is often the first place your guests get to see. Your living room should be warm, cosy and inviting, a place you want to spend time in, so it is important to pick the right flooring for your living room.

We all want our living room to take our guests’ breath away without the negative impact to our earth. At Flooring by Nature, we stock a wide range of both eco-friendly flooring and carpets for living rooms for you to choose from.

Carpets for Living Rooms

We stock some of the best carpet for living rooms on the market, in a variety of colours, styles and materials including wool and sisal carpets. From neutral grey living room carpets to more vibrant colours, we have something to suit all living rooms. Our carpets are rich in natural and recycled materials, meaning they have a positive impact on the environment. Our wool carpets are plush and soft while our sisal carpets give a rustic feel while being highly durable. The best carpet for living rooms in our experience is a wool carpet however, our wide range means you will be sure to find something perfect for your home. We also stock a variety of eco underlays that will work well with any of our sustainable carpets.

Shop our sustainable carpet range to transform your living room.

Living Room Eco Flooring

At Flooring by Nature, we are environmentally conscious when searching for new and unique flooring options for our customers. All our sustainable carpets and eco living room flooring are made from either natural products such as wool and wood or are created utilising recycled or recyclable materials.

Best Flooring for a Living Room with Pets

We want to help you choose the perfect flooring for your living room, but sometimes you also need to consider what is the best flooring for a living room with pets.

Our range of wool carpets are extremely soft under both human feet and man’s best friend’s paws. Wool carpets are perfect for a home with pets, from cats to dogs to bunnies, they are extremely durable against their claws and easy to clean. Also, if you choose a carpet that matches the colour of your pet’s fur, you won’t need to vacuum as often. Due to its resilient qualities sisal is often used to make cat scratching posts so for this reason we would not usually recommend it for cat owners. However, sisal carpets are very hardwearing which makes them an ideal option for homes with dogs.

Eco cork flooring is highly adaptable and resilient, making it great for pets. Cork flooring’s anti-slip properties also mean that your pets won’t be sliding all over the place, which definitely makes their lives easier!

Best Living Room Flooring

Our eco flooring range covers everything from cork flooring to natural bamboo flooring. Our cork flooring for your living room gives off a more rustic and warmer feel while also being sustainable and hypoallergenic. Our eco bamboo flooring made from fast growing and sustainable bamboo is a great alternative to slow grown Oak flooring. Eco laminate flooring is made of 80% natural ingredients, consisting mostly of wood by-products, and can be recycled if you decide to switch things up down the line. We also stock an extensive range of underlays designed for our range of eco flooring.

Why Choose Flooring by Nature for your Living Room?

Thousands of housing materials go to landfill every year from sofas to floorings when we decide to update our personal spaces. When you shop with Flooring by Nature, we give you peace of mind by only showcasing the best of the best from the eco flooring and carpet options out there. The Flooring by Nature team have worked tirelessly to source flooring and carpets that bring your interior design to life without negatively impacting nature.

Styling your Living Room

Carpets are a classic! They are known to give off a soft, homely and inviting vibe that cushion your feet with every step. Wool carpets have the capacity to add a pop of colour to a room as well as being a point of conversation with a patterned choice. Sisal carpets give both texture and character to a room without taking away from any of your décor.

For a warm & cosy feel, shop our range of sustainable carpets. Eco flooring can make you feel right at home in nature from the comfort of your own living room. Both cork floorings and eco bamboo floorings can offer a more earthy and rustic feel to a room with their unique natural wooden shades. Cork flooring is a warm yet comfortable flooring option that is extremely popular right now as it can fit into both a contemporary and a more classic style. Eco bamboo flooring can come in a variety of colours.

Free Flooring Samples

Having trouble deciding? We offer a range of free flooring samples sent directly to your door. Simply select your colour on any product page followed four per order.

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