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Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen – the heart of your home, where you blend an array of herbs and spices to create mouth-watering dishes for you and your family. A kitchen should not only be practical and safe but also stylish. A kitchen floor needs to be easy to clean as spills are bound to happen, as well as being flame retardant.

For each of our customers, the best kitchen flooring will look entirely different for their homes. At Flooring by Nature, we provide an extensive range of modern eco-friendly flooring for your kitchen floor, from our cork kitchen flooring to our eco-friendly laminate flooring range.

Best Kitchen Flooring

If you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring for kitchens, we recommend either cork flooring, eco-laminate flooring or bamboo flooring as our top options for the best kitchen flooring, all are flame retardant and stain resistant while also being environmentally conscious. Cork kitchen flooring is a popular choice for kitchens. Cork kitchen flooring is known to be durable and scratch resistant. Cork kitchen flooring is a naturally sustainable alternative to high-street laminate and vinyl flooring options, as cork is harvested from the bark of the tree rather than the whole tree. Cork tiles for your kitchen floor provide a cushioned, comfortable feeling underfoot which is ideal for a room where you are always on your feet.

Our eco-friendly laminate flooring is one of the best choices for kitchen flooring as it is a more cost-effective solution than hardwood flooring. Eco-friendly laminate flooring is made from wood-by products that can be reused and recycled into modern eco-friendly flooring tailored to your style, making it an ideal option for your kitchen floor.

Our friendly team of experts are on hand to help you find the best kitchen flooring for your home.

Best Kitchen Flooring for Dogs

Your dog will always rush into the kitchen at the sound of rattling biscuits or the smell of freshly cooked meat and while they might be excited, you’re not too thrilled by their claws scratching up your new kitchen floor. Our eco-friendly laminate flooring is hard wearing and durable against your pets’ claws while also being easy to clean, a fantastic choice for pet owners.

Why Choose Flooring by Nature for your Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring?

At Flooring by Nature, our eco-friendly flooring range is completely sustainable. By shopping with us, you help us move one step closer to a more sustainable future while also receiving the best quality carpets and hard flooring on the market. All of our modern eco-friendly kitchen flooring can be recycled when you decide it’s time for a change. Our range of eco-friendly kitchen flooring are all flame retardant and stain resistant, making them last longer than your typical kitchen floor without costing the earth.

Styling your Kitchen

Kitchen flooring needs to be practical and stylish, fitting in with the décor of your home. We have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from and can even help you match your flooring to your current worktops. Our range of cork kitchen flooring could work well with light coloured cabinets to create an airy atmosphere filled with different textures and character. Eco cork kitchen flooring can show off an aspect of nature that pairs beautifully with some potted plants on your kitchen windowsill. Whether you’re wanting a modern look or more of an old cottage feel, our cork kitchen flooring will adapt to your intended theme.

For a natural and practical look, shop our range of eco-friendly cork kitchen flooring.

Free Flooring Samples

Having trouble deciding? We offer a range of free flooring samples sent directly to your door. Simply select your colour on any product page followed four per order.

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