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Stairs & Hallway Flooring

Flooring For Hallways & Stairs

It is easy to forget to choose a specific carpet or flooring for your stairs, with many of us often opting to add some extra square metres of the same flooring they have chosen for a different room. Your stairs and hallway should be its own room with its own style as it leads you to your destination. You also need to take into consideration that you need to keep the safety of your staircase your top priority – younger children might be at risk if you chose a laminate flooring for your staircase for example.

It's easy to forget your staircase and hallway, using it as simply a middle man to get from A to B rather than a room itself – we are here to change that! At Flooring by Nature, we stock a wide range of sustainable carpets and eco flooring to suit every staircase and hallway while keeping every member of the family safe.

Carpets for Stairs

The best carpet for stairs would be from our durable wool carpet range. Wool carpets tend to resist flattening, making them ideal for high traffic areas like the staircase. They are also natural insulators, helping you cut the cost on your energy bills. Grey carpets for stairs have risen in popularity due to their neutral colour and versatility. Our high-quality grey wool carpets can make your staircase appear lighter or darker dependant on your choice of shade. Sisal carpets for stairs are also an excellent choice as they provide grip due to sisals tactile yet soft texture.

Eco Flooring for Hallways

Cork flooring is our most popular choice in our eco-friendly flooring range. Cork flooring for hallways offers similar cushioning to carpets as well as its non-slip properties. Cork flooring can provide a natural look to your stairs and hallway while providing you with a low maintenance eco flooring option for a high traffic area of your home.

Bamboo flooring for staircases is both decorative and durable while providing a natural rustic feel to your staircase. When deciding on what flooring to choose for your staircase, it is important to consider a more durable option than other rooms; bamboo is a long-lasting eco flooring option that can be sanded down to refresh its appearance after daily traction.

Why Choose Flooring by Nature for Your Stairs & Hallway?

We operate with sustainability at the forefront of our mind, from the carpets we stock to how we package them to send onto our customers. We have noticed the overwhelming amount of household waste that goes into landfill and are aware of how often people’s styles can change. All of our flooring options, both eco-friendly flooring and our sustainable carpets, can be recycled and are made using either natural products or recycled materials.

Styling Your Stairs & Hallway

You are often limited on how you can decorate your staircase due to the lack of floorspace. A bright carpet coupled with stunning artwork on the wall will definitely make your staircase pop rather than being easily forgotten. Alternatively choosing one of our neutral grey carpets for your stairs would allow you to instead bring attention to art on your walls while effortlessly cushioning you and your guests with every step.

Free Flooring Samples

Having trouble deciding? We offer a range of free flooring samples sent directly to your door. Simply select your colour on any product page followed four per order.

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