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Our Sustainability Pledge

At Flooring by Nature we’re committed to playing our part in the effort to tackle climate change, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and limit our impact on the environment. 

We do this by being really selective about the products we sell and the manufacturers we work with. 

We avoid products that are made from new plastics such as 100% man-made fibre carpets, underlays or vinyl flooring. Instead we champion the wide range of flooring options that are made from natural products such as wool, sisal, wood and cork. If you look carefully, there’s a whole host of products at the cutting edge of design that won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Instead of buying a mass produced carpet made from oil based plastic, why not buy a 100% wool carpet, made from the wool of British sheep?

The UK is renowned internationally for the quality of it’s wool and carpets so pick a product that has been grown, spun and woven in the UK. 

Alternatively choose some of the best low impact materials available internationally, Cork from the Mediterranean or Bamboo from Asia. 

To support our pledge on sustainability we’ve partnered with Ecologi to fund carbon offset programmes and support reforestation projects within the UK and across the world. This helps to offset the carbon emissions of our business.

And for every order over £100 we fund a tree planted by Ecologi – View our progress so far.

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