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Wool Carpet

Wool Carpets

Durable, strong and long-lasting, wool carpets are an excellent choice for any home. Their eco credentials mean they provide a fantastic, sustainable alternative to synthetic carpets and offer many benefits. At Flooring by Nature, we stock a wide range of environmentally friendly flooring solutions, helping our customers make eco-friendly choices when it comes to the flooring of their homes.






Sustainable Wool Carpets to Suit your Home

Our sustainable wool carpets are woven from 100% natural wool, many ranges use undyed yarn so are chemical free, making them completely eco-friendly. As sheep require regular shearing, wool is a sustainable resource, unlike the materials used for many other carpets which contain unnatural chemicals and plastics. Wool carpets also biodegrade at the end of their lives, meaning they are not adding to the ever-growing problem of excess waste, something which we take very seriously.

Due to the natural properties of wool carpets, they are often just as (if not more) hard-wearing than synthetic alternatives and can last for many years, maintaining an excellent appearance if properly looked after. They provide a soft, cushioned feel underfoot and are natural thermal and sound insulators, keeping your home warmer and quieter. They are also hypoallergenic and fire resistant so are a safe option to have in the home.

Types of Eco Wool Carpets

Although wool carpets can be blended with man-made materials, we only use 100% wool in the pile of all our eco wool carpets. We have a wide variety of colours and styles available, ranging from natural shades of grey and cream to bolder more vibrant colours, so you will be sure to find something to suit your space.

Why Choose a Wool Carpet from Flooring by Nature?

Wool carpets really are a luxury product and are well worth the investment. They are hard-wearing, long-lasting and give a stylish feel to any home. At Flooring by Nature, we only use the highest quality, eco-friendly materials in all our sustainable flooring options and our wool carpets are no exception. We are passionate about helping the environment and want to make sustainable flooring more widely available and affordable to all our customers.

Wool Carpet Underlay to Complement your Eco-Friendly Wool Carpet

Investing in a premium underlay will improve the performance of your wool carpet and extend its lifespan, while also making it more comfortable underfoot. We offer a variety of underlay options suitable for all our flooring collections. View our full range of underlay to find out more.

Alternatives to Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are a great choice for the majority of rooms in your home however, for a bathroom or kitchen you may prefer one of our hard flooring options. We have a range of sustainable hard flooring in cork, bamboo and laminate, so you can find the perfect flooring solution, whatever you are looking for.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We have put together a list of the most popular flooring choices for every room of your home, making it easy to find the best flooring for you. If you would like some inspiration why not get started by taking a look at our flooring by room ideas?

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